Why LG DualCool Technology Is Worthy Its Cost?

Summer temperatures in India are rising significantly above normal. Therefore in India there is a steady increase in residential air conditioner demand. Inverter technology applied in air conditioner system has proved to be efficient in terms of power consumption and performance.

Currently, LG took steps in upgrading inverter tech to dual inverter. DualCool technology is extremely in the lead than its conventional counterparts. It has made air conditioners to operate noiselessly, cool more rapidly, and last longer.

How DualCool technology works?

DualCool tech units include Dual Rotary Motor with varied speed and wide rotational frequency. It means room cools faster with utmost efficiency and severe decrease in noise levels. The compressor gets adjusted consistently, so as to maintain room temperature and thus assures savings with respect to power consumption and electricity bills.

Peak summer temperature can cross 48° in some states around India. Generally, ACs are designed to handle 46°, but DualCool technology is prepared to cool rooms at 52°C.

Benefits of dual inverter technology

Quick & easy installation

Man power and time needed to install air conditioner is reduced because of its friendly designing. Everything needed is included in the packaging and installers are well-trained to handle installation at more houses in short time.

Dual Inverter Compressor

Dual Inverter Compressor resolves the noise and improper cooling issues. Thus homeowners get to enjoy an AC that runs quietly with specially designed skew fans and equally cools the whole area.

Rapid cooling

Compressor speed and performance is powerful. Thus cold air gets blown faster, which cools the space rapidly.

Monsoon comfort technology

This feature allows right cooling in the monsoon season, when humidity is high. In comparison to regular dehumidification mode provided in other ACs, monsoon comfort tech prevents overcooling. You can save 36.4% on energy bills.

High voltage safety

The DualCool units include an upgraded Power Circuit Board, which can handle voltage variations. In addition, safety against power surges gets assured and air conditioners overall durability gets strengthened.

Stabilizer free technology

In India, power fluctuations can be a pain. The Dual technology AC unit is designed to protect the appliance from sudden power fluctuations within range of 145V to 290V.

Thus this stabilizer-free technology in DualCool AC units helps to improve room aesthetics and money spent to buy an external stabilizer.

Optimum comfort

Precise room control gets maintained, which builds a comfortable ambiance. Alternatively, in regular units the compressor gets turned on and off for fine-tuning according to the needed room temperature. Thus indoor temperature suffers fluctuations but with dual inverter technology the compressor is designed for flexibility instead of switching on or off. Flexibility to control and maintain desired temperature considerably deducts the noise level.

Energy efficiency

The main advantage of dual inverter is that annual power consumption gets reduced by 40% in comparison to non-inverter units. Variable power feature allows compressor to maintain room temperature, thus less energy gets wasted. In addition, during surges the compressor is capable to handle low voltage that is 1.5kW. Thus, you can save energy significantly.

DualCool technology carries a huge price tag but when you compare it on ComapreRaja.in with available features of other brands, it will be worth the investment.