Professional Hard Drive Recovery Service

The first Hard drive was introduced by IBM on September 13, 1956 and was used by RAMAC 305 System with the storage capacity of 5 MB only. It was built-in to the PC and non removable. Later, IBM introduced in 1963 another removable disk with 2.6 MB Storage Capacity. With the advancement of technology, today it is available more than our thinking but normally 500 GB or 1 TB is the basic configuration.

A Hard Disk which is also known as HD or HDD is a non-volatile memory hardware device which permanently stores and retrieves data on a computer. It is called non-volatile memory because it does not depends on computer’s electricity to be on or off. Even the electricity is off, your information will be secured inside the storage product. It is consist of one or more platters which revolve with the speed of 5400 and 7200 RPM (rotation per minute) on which the records are written using a magnetic head and those platters packed inside an air-sealed case for the security. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that it is very sensitive product and certain reasons could damage your sensitive platters including –

  1. Electricity fluctuation directly or due to problem in UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) could lead damage of storage device.
  2. There is also chance of physical damage or accidentally.
  3. The information on the platters could damage due to harmful malicious virus attacks and may damage your platters too.
  4. Without proper shutdown could lead to damage.
  5. Software not working properly leading to damage of the disk.

There are many more reasons which could give you a big loss. With such fact, the external hard drive is used as a common backup option for most PC and laptop users. However, external hard disk loss is also very common, and there are lots of non-failure related causes which may include water or fire damage as well as accidental file deletion or corruption via viruses or halt due to improper use or electricity fluctuation. You can recover it all with the help of recovery knowledge but, if you don’t have good experience then, hiring the expert is the best solution. You can simply hire us for professional hard drive recovery service for several reasons –

  1. We are having 5+ years experience and number 1 rated service experts.
  2. 100% recovery guarantee with full time support.
  3. We have fastest emergency response team.
  4. Our software is designed in such a way that it can be easily handle by any non technical user.
  5. We provides easy backup facility in case of technical failure, you can restore it back in quick simple steps.

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